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A beautiful home reflects the inner beauty of the people living in it.


i like the bamboo window shot...great series of the interior and exterior of the house:-)


the last shot is so sweet. lovely light and glow to it as well.


Typical rural life. Always very colorful and interesting.


I agree with terrorkitten and have commented before on your ability to make people feel at ease. Mal

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

As always Sidney your glimpses of local life are great....really giving an insight to what it is all about.....great work as always. Phil


You seem to have an instant rapport with these people. They photograph with such a friendly look. Very appealing shots.


they got simple but neat home. there no place like home talaga!

have a great weekend sidney


Really, how do you do it ... manage such excellent people photos! You so such a wonderful job with them.


Your photoblog is very interesting. I love the images of houses and the people who live there.


Aanhin mo ang bahay na bato..
kung ang nakatira ay kwago..
buti pa ang kubo..
may singkamas at talong.

hyuck corny hehe

Mike Dougan

Looks like a peaceful life, sometimes I like to spend time up the mountain's, no electricity, no running water and no distraction's, then when I get home I appreciate modern conveniences more 8-)


De voir leur habitat aussi simple et vétuste nous fait prendre conscience de l'excès de notre confort démesuré. Quelle inégalité devant la vie. Seulement, je me demande où est la vérité du bien-être?
Nous, dominés par notre matérialisme ou Eux avecleur force spirituelle?
Sydney pouvez vous apporter un début de réponse?
All the best


Lovely! I like your shot of the bahay kubo. Fab!


How do you do it?

Somehow, you always manage to bring LIFE to the photographs. :D



simple yet powerful pictures of my country. Is that still from the Bicol mountains?

Hope to meet you someday for photo-ops with other prolific photobloggers like you. Thanks for regularly visiting my blogs and leaving comments too :)



Ashish Sidapara

The first photo is a total contrast of the people its housing. They don't look worried at all, great series again my friend!!


Bro, another lovely series, my favourite is the 3rd image, love the family in their living room captured here.

Very sparce I must say :)



Wonderful, Sidney. You somehow manage to always put people at ease!


The photos hanging on the walls of the house reminds me of how my Grandma's old house used to be like --- filled with photos of her children and grandchildren.

Have a nice weekend Sidney!


Look like pretty poor living conditions to me. Good photos, though!


I could see myself relaxing inside one of those nipa huts. I always loved visiting rural folks. They are the nicest most hospitable people. They were always very kind and friendly towards my husband.


I like it very much to see what images people all over the world have in their house, that interests me highly. Often you see prints -such as the "Maria" pictures here- that point to a high exchange between cultures.
P.S. Thanks for your quotation on my blog, I added it on my quotations page ( )


Very beautiful series. I like the atmosphere which comes out from your photographs.


I love how you always find a way to get people in shots. It's perfect!

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